Victor Maddern was an accomplished character actor whose career spanned half a century.


Star struck from an early age, Victor studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts after World War II.

The cheeky cockney in dozens of British films on the 1950s, Victor played servicemen in such classics as Morning Departure (1950), The Planter's Wife (1952), The Cockleshell Heroes (1955) and The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1954).

Victor's role as the work shy union man in I'm All Right jack (1959) fully displayed his comic talents. A favourite of Peter Rogers, he appeared in Please Turn Over (1959), Watch Your Stern (1960) and Raising The Wind (1961), and supported such comics as Morecombe and Wise, Norman Wisdom, Charlie Drake and, on television in the 1970s, Dick Emery. His other television credits include Dr Who (BBC 1963-1989), The Adventures of Robin Hood (ITV 1955-1959) and Dixon of Dock Green (BBC 1955-1976).[1]

Carry OnsEdit

Maddern appeared in five Carry On films and three TV episodes. His first Carry On appearance was in Carry On Constable. His last was in Carry On Emmannuelle.


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