All is not well in the court of King Arthur. His sexually frustated wife, Lady Guinevere, is forever moaning, while his rowdy knights can't agree on what to call their outfit. Sir William reckons the 'Round Table' makes them sound like a charitable organisation, while Sir Osis is more concerned with his alchol intake. Even the effeminate Sir Gay shows little respect for his monarch.

Guinevere's hopes are raised when the dashing Sir Pureheart reports for duty. His allegiance to the king is soon tested when the name calling Black Knight insults king Arthur. The monarch send his new knight to challange him. Sir Pureheart eagerly goes into battle, and defeats the villain, but, in return for his breavery, Pureheart has made his fellow knights take a vow of temperence, chastity and virtue - and it's getting the Round table lads down. With Merlin's help, Arthur hits upon a scheme to give Pureheart a love potion and set him up with a gorgeous girl. So much for chastity![2]



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