Sir Jethro Houndsbotham (Jack Douglas) is in a fix. He’s received two threatening letters – one from King Charles and one from Oliver Cromwell (Peter Butterworth)! He’s caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, while his wife, Lady Kate (IJoan Sims), is more concerned with her Cavalier brother Lovelace (Sid James)

Sir Jethro will support whichever side is winning, but Lovelace is off to war against the Roundheads, claiming a kiss from cheeky maid Sarah (Barbara Windsor) before he departs. She’s a fickle sort though – once Lovelace has gone, she cuddles up with the Trumpeting Cavalier (Brian Osborne). But there are more important things to worry about – the Houndsbotham household is under threat as a group of Roundheads approach.

The Roundhead colonel (David Lodge) enters, followed by Cromwell himself. Lady Kate convinces the Puritan that the tapestry she’s working on is of him. In fact it’s a half finished likeness of King Charles, but Kate’s not taking any chances – Cromwell’s just burnt down the local inn for supporting the king!

Lovelace, meanwhile, has escaped the Roundheads and returned to the house – but has to dive into a manure patch when he see Cromwell’s men. To escape detection, Lovelace swiftly disguises himself as the cook, and survives the Roundhead interrogation.

It’s more than Jethro and Kate can manage – they’re prisoners in their own home and served up leftovers. Lovelace is cooking the food and sharing Sarah’s room, but because he’s a terrible cook, and gluttoney’s a sin, Cromwell takes Lovelace with him as his personal chef.

Shortly after the Roundheads leave, the Cavaliers turn up looking for lodgings.[1]


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