The Pluritanian top brass, Count Yerackers (Peter Butterworth) and Colonal Yackoff (Jack Douglas) are worried. Crown Prince Rupert (Sid James) has vanished before his coronation, imprisoned by his fiendish cousin Boris (David Lodge). Yackoff's plan to use a double for the coronation is scuppered - Boris has captured all the prince's lookalikes!

However, Arnold Basket (Sid James) - who bears an uncanny resemblance to the prince - and his wife Vera (Barbara Windsor) are in Pluritania on their honeymoon. On arrival, they encounter customs man and super spy Nickoff (Kenneth Connor), who informs Boris that another lookalike has come to light.

Desperate to secure Arnold's help, Yerackers pays a visit to the cafe of Madame Olga (Joan Sims), where the newlyweds are taking tea. Yerackers explains the situation to a reluctant Arnold. He agrees to help - but first he must learn the art of swordmanship. However, without his glasses, Arnold is as blind as a bat - and twice as dangerous! He wrecks the living quarters, and accidentally kills one of Boris's spies. With training over, he's at liberty to join his new bride in the bedroom. Preparing for the big moment, Arnold slides of to the bathroom, just as the real Prince Rupert enters the palace with Yackoff. Informed that his betrothed, the Grand Duchess Ingrid, awaits him, Rupert, who has never seen the lady, believes Vera is his future wife.[3]

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