An Amateur village hall concert is rudely interrupted when Miss Dawkins discovers a dead body on stage, slap bang in the middle of her solo! The vicar is distraught - who can they call on to solve this cryptic case? Jazz expert, code cracker and demon drummer Amelia Forbush comes to the rescue - she knows just the man for the job!

Amelia wastes no time in sending a mysterious telegraph to her old friend, the gentalman crime solver Lord Peter Flimsy. At first he is baffled - the communication simply contains the word 'Knickers', but Flimsy realises that this is a code word and an anagram - of sorts! - of Sincreek, the village where the murder has taken place.

Ably assisted by his faithful butler Punter, Flimsy motors to the countryside. The buxom Maisie, landlady at the village's Rose and Crown pub plays host to the detective duo. However, she immediately puts them ill-at-ease by assigning them the room of the deceased gentleman, Mr Longhammer.

Maisie is also obliging the dogged but inefectual Inspector Bungler from Scotland Yard. She's promised him she'll keep an eye on Flimsy and Punter - and the pair discover her 'dusting the keyhole' of their room with her ear!

As the confusing clues mount up, Lord Flimsy and Punter find a lead. They are hot on the trail of the culprit when the sleuthing twosome's motor car is sabotaged, and begins to fall apart mid-journey. Someone is out to get them!

When they return to the Rose and crown for a soothing pint of beer, the bells of the historic Old Cobbler church strikes an ominous nine times. According to Maisie, this event signifies an impending death in the village.[1]




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