That's Carry On
Carry On Compilation Film
Alternative Title(s) None
Production Info
Director Gerald Thomas
Screenplay by Tony Church (Links)
Producer Peter Rogers
Music Eric Rogers
Cinematography Tony Imi
Editor Jack Gardner
Initial Release 19 December 1977[1]
Running Time min
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That's Carry On was a complilation of clips from the first 27 Carry On Films.[2]


After 20 years of Carry On, Producer Peter Rogers had miles of material from which to create a compilation. Following the huge success of 'That's Entertainment!' , a 1974 celebration of the MGM musical, the time seemed right to look back with nostalgia.

The notion of a Carry On retrospective was first mooted when director Gerald Thomas met Anglo Amalgamated's Nat Cohon at a film industry party in November 1976. Peter immediatly wrote to Cohon, explaining that he was happy about the possibility of a compilation of past Carry Ons.[1]

Name issuesEdit

In December 1976, Frank S. Poole of the Rank Organisation wrote to Gerald about a joint Carry on omnibus venture. the title at this stage was Carry On That's Entertainment, but the name wasn't finalised until after presenters Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor had started filming their linking dialogues at Pinewood Studios.

On 8 july 1977, Peter lamented that the working title - The Best of Carry On - 'is not the best title for it'. He explained to Rank that 'I would really like you to think about this again, and reconsider the original suggestion of That's carry On. Part of the reason for wanting this change is that the best is not everyone's idea of the best, and if perhaps a second edition is envisaged, then you are left with second best. Also, the original MGM film created a catchphrase with That's Entertainment, and That's Carry On does suggest a style. Will you please think about it?'[1]


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