Short Knight, Long Daze
Carry On Laughing Episode B-04

The Knights of the Round Table[1]

Season 2
Episode 4
Written by
Directed by
Initial Transmission Nov. 16, 1975
IMDB Reference tt0536830
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Next Episode The Case of the Coughing Parrot


Things are looking bleak for King Arthur (Kenneth Connor). Not only is his perpetually complaining wife Lady Guinevere (Joan Sims) continually going on about the lack of action in the bedroom, but the castle's coffers are also running low. The Treasurer Sir Pointofnoreturn has done a runner, and the monarch is forced to pass his crown around the table for an emergency whip-round.

Unfortunately, it's every knight for himself, as the entire Round Table makes a speedy departure. Only the ever faithful, mincing, Sir Gay (Jack Douglas) stays loyal to the crown. A consultation with the aged wizard Merlin (Peter Butterworth) seems the only option. After a quick inspection of his chicken's entrails, and the discovery of a secret message on the shell of it's egg, Merlin and the king discover Guinevere standing before them. She's been summoned there by a magic spell. Merlin puts the lusty lady into a trance, and she reveals that a northern stranger of common birth will save the day. Arthur is unconvinced, but when a boil doctor (Bernard Bresslaw) finds the castle drawbridge down, he wanders in and introduces himself.

After relieving the king's painful posterior, the northern lad is dubbed Sir Lancelot. Unfortunately, he's a flop as a knight, but a letter has already been sent announcing a joust with Sir Lancelot taking on all comers.[2]


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