The SS Happy Wanderer was the cruise liner featured in Carry On Cruising.[1]


  • Service Entry: Circa pre 1952[N 1]
  • Operating Company: Trident Line[N 2]

Known CrewEdit


The Happy Wanderer never went to sea - she was actually a full size replica built at Pinewood Studios,[4] complete with a fully operational wireless office.[N 3]


  1. Majorbanks revealed to Haines that Captain Crowther has been in command of the ship for the previous 10 years.[2]
  2. Company name shown on a lifebelt held up in a photo of Peter Rogers, Nat Cohen and Gerald Thomas, presumably during a visit to the set.[3]
  3. Sound mixer Bob McPhee, who had previously worked as a ship's wireless officer, resisted requests from collegues to use the equipment for sending mock messages![3]


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