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Carry On Laughing Episode B7
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Season 2
Episode 7
Airdate Dec. 7, 1975
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At a meeting of B.U.G.S (the Bermondsey Universal Geographical Society), foreign correspondent Stanley (Kenneth Connor) learn's of the society's poor navigational record. The members of it's latest Artic expedition got chilblains three miles north of Watford!

The famous explorer Lord Gropefinger (Peter Butterworth) is at his wits' ends, while Lady Airey-Fairy (Barbara Windsor) is gagging at the bit for a piece of the action. She gladly agrees to join Stanley's expedition to discover the long lost Dr Pavingstone (Bernard Bresslaw). The society's guest speaker, the hunter Elephant Dick Darcy (Jack Douglas) swings onto the scene, and also decides to join the party.

Despite losing his porters at Victoria Station, Elephant Dick finds the jungle trqail, and the explorers track down Dr Pavingstone. But the call of the wild has proved too much - local witch doctor Youranutta (Oscar James) has given the poor doc a monkey's tail, and even Ladt Airey-Fairy's charms can't damen his romantic interest in Mabel the gorilla (Reuben Martin).

Elephant Dick tries to reason with the witch doctor, but he too falls under the influence of the curse. Stanley has a nasty experience in the jungle as well. While looking for Dick, Mabel gets hold of him and peels him like a banana!

An impromptu display of white man's magic by the intrepid explorers doesn't impress the witch doctor - he mearly makes's Stan;ey's magic wand go limp. The instrument is only revived by the sight of a scantily clad Lady Airey-Fairy![1]


  1. Classic Carry On film Collection issue 33.


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