Jim Dale is an English entertainer.


As James Smith the Laff Smith, Jim began his career as the youngest professional stand-up comedian on the variety circut, notably supporting Frankie Howard, before taking the surname of his agent, 'Scruffy' Dale.

Jim became a star as a British pop singer, scoring his biggest hit with Be My girl in 1957. After a stint as a regular on the music show Six Five Special, Jim moved into acting with a small supporting role in the Gerald Thomas comedy Raising The Wind in 1961.[N 2]

Juggling film, West End and recording careers during the 1060s, Jim was Oscar nominated for his song Georgy Girl in 1966. Landing his own TV Show - Join Jim Dale - with ITV in 1969, Jim later hosted Sunday Night at The London Palladium. On film. he played Lusty in the Restoration spoof Lock up Your Daughters in 1969, and took the role of Spike Milligan in Adolf Hitler - My Part In His Downfall in 1972. Jim has starred in a number of Disney films, including Pete's Dragon and The Spaceman and King Arthur.

In later years Jim has gained a new generation of fans thanks to his narration of the audio versions of the Harry Potter novels for the American market. [3]


  1. First marriage
  2. It was Dale's imitation of Kenneth Williams, while filming the orchestra scene for this film, that prompted Williams to suggest Dale as a suitable addition to the Carry On team.[2]


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