Harry H. Corbett was a British actor most famous for playing Harold Steptoe in the BBC sitcom Steptoe and Son.

He was cast as Detective Sergeant Bung in Screaming as Sid James was unavailable, even for a cameo role, due to filming commitments to the ITV sitcom George and the Dragon. [N 1] Despite his initial reservations, Corbett became a part of the team from the first day, with co-star Jim Dale describing Corbett as a lovely man and a fine actor.[N 2] Corbett received £12,000 for the role.[2]


  1. Sid's old comedy partner Tony Hancock was also initially considered.[2]
  2. Dale did reveal that Corbett may have wondered about some of the dialogue, evidenced by a photograph of him attempting to set light to what appears to be a copy of the script.[2]


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