Eric Rogers was an English musician and composer.

He learned to play his local church organ by the age of 13, but found tickling the piano ivories more profitable - particularly during service with the army, when his playing in pubs would earn him free beer! After the war Eric formed his own orchestra, playing in the Orchid Room in Trocadero, becoming music director at the London Palladium from 1953. By the 1950s Eric had began penning pop songs and film music, including dance numbers for the 1953 comedy Genevieve.

As early as Carry On Teacher, Eric's uncredited musical contributions enhanced the series. He later worked on comedy films The Big Job (1965) and Bless This House (1972), as well as more dramatic films such as Assualt (1971) and All Coppers Are... (1972). He also composed the theme for Sunday Night at the London Palladium, and claimed to have written every note for the musical Oliver!, as Lionel Bart couldn't write music and had asked Eric for asssitance! Eric was awarded an Acadamey Award for his work as associate musical supervisor on the 1968 film version.[1]


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