When I told Benny Hill his material was getting too dirty, he said 'This from the man who writes the Carry Ons!'

Dave Freeman (22 August 1922 – 28 March 2005) was a British film and television writer, working chiefly in comedy, who worked on the later Carry Ons.

An ex policeman who caught the comedy bug during World War 2, Dave broke into writing with Benny Hill for the early 1950s series The Centre Show, before creating The Benny Hill Show together for the BBC in 1955.

In 1959 Dave wrote Benny's West End revue Fine Fettle, and scripted his 1963 sitcom Benney Hill for the BBC. Dave later wrote the sitcom A World of His Own (BBC 1964) and the 1969 version of The Forsythe Saga. His first film was the Terry Thomas romp Rocket to the Moon in 1968. Later big screen credits included the 1972 Bless This House spin of for Peter Rogers. Dave also scripted episodes of Mr Aitch (1967), The Avengers (1961-1969) and Robin's Nest (1977-1981). His first stage farce, A Bedfull of Foreigners, opened in 1973.[1]


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