The Classic Carry On Film Collection was a part work by De Agostini about the classic Carry On films and the Television series Carry On Laughing. Each magazine was accompanied by a DVD or VHS Video.


  • What A Carry On! - A light hearted look at the plot.
    • Classic moment - Detailed look at a key scene
  • The Carry On Years! - Details events from the year of release, or the period the story is set.
  • Stop Messing About! - Anecdotes and memories from cast and crew, together with unseen pictures.
    • Oh I Never! -a brief section about a minor member of the cast.
  • Best of British! - A brief biography of a member of the cast and crew

At a GlanceEdit

# Subject Classic moment(s) Oh I Never! Best of British
1 Carry On Camping Babs and the Bra Anna Karen (Hefty Girl) Sid James
2 Carry On Up The Khyber The Dinner Johnny Briggs (Sporran Soldier) Kenneth Williams
3 Carry On Abroad?? Barbara Windsor
4 Carry On Matron Ooh Matron! Bill Kenwright (Hack reporter) Hattie Jacques
5 Carry On Up The Jungle The Mating Game Nina Baden-Semper (Female Nosha) Terry Scott
6 Carry On At Your Convienience The Work's outing Geoffrey Hughes (Willie The waste pipe fitter) Joan Sims
7 Carry On Dick Jock's investigation Sam Kelly (Sir Roger Daley's Coachman) Talbot Rothwell
8 Carry On Doctor Kilmore on the Roof Brian Wilde (The Man from Cox and Carter) Frankie Howerd
9 Carry On Girls Peter in Drag Wendy Richard (Ida Downes) Patsy Rowlands
10 Carry On England The Tunnel of Love Linda Regan (Private Taylor) Peter Butterworth
11 Carry On Don't Lose Your Head Guillotine Gaffe Jacqueline Pearce (Admirer of the Duc de Pomfrit) Gerald Thomas
12 Carry On Henry Garlic trouble David Prowse (Bearded Torturer) Charles Hawtrey
13 Carry On Emmannuelle Mile High Club Norman Mitchell (Drunken husband) Jack Douglas
14 Carry On Screaming Potion commotion Frank Thorton (Mr Jones) Angela Douglas
15 Carry On Cleo Fight at the Temple of Vesta Warren Mitchell (Spencius) Amanda Barrie
16 Carry On Cowboy Three way Catfight/Jail-break Richard O'Brien (One of Big Heap's braves) Peter Gilmore
17 Carry On Jack Albert at the Tavern Anton Rodgers (Captain Hardy) Bernard Cribbins
18 Carry On Sergeant Wedding night Gerald Campion (Andy Galloway) Shirley Eaton
19 Carry On Follow That Camel The Harem William Mervyn (Lord Ponsonby) Bernard Bresslaw
20 Carry On Behind The Stripper Ian Lavender (Joe Baxter) Kenneth Connor
21 Carry On Cruising Flo in the Gym Mario Fabrizi (One of the cooks) Dilys Laye
22 Carry On Constable The shower scene Robin Ray (Assistant Store Manager) Leslie Phillips
23 Carry On Spying Hakim's Fun House Tom Clegg (Fun House Doorman) Alan Hume
24 Carry On Loving Gripper Gripe Imogen Hassall (Jenny Grubb) Jacki Piper
25 Carry On Teacher Alcohol in the tea Richard O'Sullivan (Robin Stevens) Norman Hudis
26 Carry On Nurse (1959) DIY Operation Jill Ireland (Jill Thompson) June Whitfield
27 Carry On Cabby Driver in Drag Noel Dyson (District Nurse) Eric Rogers
28 Carry On Again Doctor The Dinner Dance Shakira Baksh (Scrubba) Jim Dale
29 Carry On Regardless The Boxing match Nicholas Parsons (Wolfish wine taster) Liz Fraser
30 That's Carry On - Presenting The Sidneys (The Carry On Oscars) N/A Julia Stevens (Gloria - Carry On Cleo) Peter Rogers
31 Carry On Laughing - The Nine Old Cobblers, The Case of the Screaming Winkles and The Case of the Coughing Parrot Car Trouble (The Nine Old Cobblers)/Semaphore (The Case of the Screaming Winkles)/The moving mummies (The Case of the Coughing Parrot) Melvyn Hayes (Charwallah Charlie - The Case of the Screaming Winkles) David Lodge
32 Carry On Laughing - Orgy and Bess, Under the Round Table and Short Knight, Long Daze Drake's Return (Orgy and Bess)/Sir Pureheart and the cave (Under the Round Table)/Sir Lancealot (Short Knight, Long Daze) Brian Capron (Trumpeter - Under the Round Table / Short Knight, Long Daze) Victor Maddern
33 Carry On Laughing - And in My Lady's Chamber, Who Needs Kitchener? and Lamp-Posts of the Empire The Sleeping draught (And in My Lady's Chamber)/Klanger exposed (Who Needs Kitchener?)/Call of the wild (Lamp-Posts of the Empire) Oscar James (Witch Doctor - Lamp-Posts of the Empire) Carol Hawkins
34 Carry On Laughing - The Prisoner of Spenda , The Baron Outlook, The Sobbing Cavalier and One in the Eye for Harold Doubles all round (The Prisoner of Spenda )/Marie reveals the truth (The Baron Outlook)/Washtime(The Sobbing Cavalier)/Watching the Battle (One in the Eye for Harold) John Levene (Soldier - The Baron Outlook) Dave FreemanIssu