The Carry Ons haven't made me rich, but they have given me a worldwide identity!

George Frederick Joffree Hawtrey, better known as Charles Hawtrey, was an English actor and comedian.

Trained at the Italia Conti school of drama, Hawtrey enjoyed stage and film work in the 1920s, including The Windmill Man and Bluebell in Fairyland, and also had a singing career, billed as the Angel Voiced Choirboy.

Directed by Alfred hitchcock in Sabotage (1937) and Michael Powell in A Canterbury Tale (1944), he directed, and was a talented playwright and pianist, displaying his skill on the ivories in the Ealing comedy Passport to Pimlico (1949).

Played boy detective Norman bones on radio's Children's Hour (BBC 1943-1961). Starred as the Professor in the hit ITV sitcom The Army Game (1957-1958). Other TV work included Out House (ITV 1960-1962) with Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques and Bernard Bresslaw. Enjoyed guest appearances in the cinema as a chemist in Dentist on the job (1961) and an artist in What a Whopper! (1961). The sparkle was still undimmed in SuperGran: The State Visit (ITV 1987).

Typecast as the wide eyed innocent with a camp, eccentric streak, with a touch of disdain for his roles in Teacher and Again Doctor. Autobiographical elements were referenced in his drunk Indian chief in Cowboy, his floral bathroom designer in At Your Convienience and his mummy's boy in Abroad. [2]



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