The Kilted Third Foot and Mouth Regiment let the side down, and get caught with their pants up, encouraging the Khazi of Kalabar to attack the garrison, while the upper lips of Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond and his memsahib remain stiffly British.[2]


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  • Second film in the series with an alternative title.
  • The Rank Organisation's 'title consultants' wanted to call this film 'Carry on the Regiment'.[2]
  • When Princess Margaret visited the set during filming, she was shown a clip which includes the scene in which Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond writes to Queen Victoria, in which Sir Sidney says "Dear Vicky". Princess Margaret was said to be furious about this joke.
  • First and only "Carry On..." film for Roy Castle. He replaced Jim Dale, who was unavailable.
  • Tommy Cooper was originally asked to play the role of the Fakir but he was unavailable. Cardew Robinson was then cast in the role.
  • The censor had a problem with Bungdit Din's line, "Fakir, off!" A sufficient pause was required between the words "Fakir" and "off".
  • When the first Gulf War started, this film was banned from being shown on British television.
  • In the dinner scene, the cast was served ham and boiled potatoes.
  • There is an in-joke to the Rank Organisation: when someone bangs a gong (the trademark symbol of Rank), the Khasi describes it as "rank stupidity".
  • Snowdonia in Wales doubled as the Khyber Pass with the rest of filming done at Pinewood Studios. When the film was released, an old soldier who had served in the Khyber Pass area wrote to the film studio, informing them that he recognized the area at once.
  • Lady Ruff Diamond's line, "Oh dear! I seem to have got a little plastered," was an ad lib by Joan Sims which was kept in. Julian Holloway's (Major Shorthouse) reaction to the line was genuine.
  • Joan Sims wore a body stocking during the dance scene due to her own concerns about her weight.
  • Joan Sims complained to the Director Gerald Thomas about Kenneth Williams's behaviour while filming a love scene. Williams broke wind violently during the scene, which took Sims completely by surprise.
  • To receive an 'A' (PG) cinema certificate some risqué dialogue was removed including Brother Belcher's request for "A tool to dig with" and Bungdit Din mentioning a "travelling fakir". The print remains edited to this day.[4]


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