Up The Jungle
Carry On Film
Alternative Title(s) The African Queens
You Show Me your Watering Hole and I'll Show You Mine.
Production Info
Director Gerald Thomas
Screenplay by Talbot Rothwell
Producer Peter Rogers
Music Eric Rogers
Cinematography Ernest Steward
Editor Alfred Roome
Initial Release The Metropole, Victoria, London, 9 April 1970
Running Time min
IMDB Reference
Previous Film Again Doctor
Next Film Loving


Professor Inigo tinkle (Frankie Howard) is after exotic birds, while the hard -drinking Bill Boosey (Sid James) is more interested in game birds of the unfeathered variety. Lady Evelyn Bagley (Joan Sims), on the other hand, just wants someone to roost with.

Tinkle and his lascivious sidekick Claude Chumley (Kenneth Connor) have embarked on an African safari to try to spot some rare specimens - particularly the rare oozalum bird. In charge of their trek is the smooth talking great white hunter Boosey, but the wise cracker soon proves better at shooting from the lip than the hip.[1]


Other alternative titles considered and rejected were The Lust Continent and Don't Shoot Till You See the Whites of Their Thighs[1]


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