England is at war with Spain. The Royal Navy is desperate for more recruits, so it's having to take on some less than able seamen! Take Albert Poop-Decker (Bernard Cribbins) for example. Poop-Decker has spent eight and a half years at the British Naval Acadamy, and has still not managed to 'pass out'. but he has, at least, succeeded in making his superiors feel a little queasy - especially since the urgency of England's war footing means the ponderous Poop-Decker has to be dispatched immediately into active service.[2]



  • Originally conceived as 'Up The Armada'. As that title didn't find favor with the British Board of Film Censors, the film was known during pre-production as 'Carry On Sailor'.
  • The script included a note which stated that Any relationship between this story and historical fact is purely accidental (fact has been purposely avoided).
  • The film used reconstructed ships and props left over from filming of the 1962 film HMS Defiant.
  • First Carry On... film made in costume and with a historical setting.[N 1]
  • Talbot Rothwell's first screenplay for the series. He would go on to write 20 of them.
  • Liz Fraser was originally cast in the part of Sally.
  • This entry in the series featured the lowest number of "Carry On..." regulars, with only three appearing: Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey and Jim Dale.
  • Kenneth Cope was considered for the role of Albert Poop-Decker.



  1. Inspired by the successful use of colour in Carry On Cruising.[3]


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