The man in the 'top seat' of the British military, W.C., has ordered some urgent action - England's experimental battery, 1313, desperatly needs shaking up. It's a shambolic, slothfull anti-aircraft unit where there's no effective gun, but plenty of banging.

The Clumsy Captain S. Melly (Kenneth Connor) reckons he's the man to transform the unit from lazy decadence to martial discipline. However, the pint-sized soldier gets a shock as soon as he enters the gates - spotting floral curtains, brassieres hanging on the line and a sentry wearing lipstick. The place is more Butlins than barracks, and poor Melly is characteristically confused.

His first task is to work out why female underwear is so much in evidence. The officious Sergeant Major Bloomer (Windsor Davies) is asked to drop his trousers. Bloomer protests that they've only just met, but Melly insists on having a look. The drill-sergeant's draws are regulation army-issue, but the captain soon discovers that 1313 is a place where one size fits all. It's a unisex camp, where women are serving as soldiers. The battery's got plenty of hens.... as well as plenty of cock-ups! [1]



  1. Classic Carry On Film Collection Issue 10
  2. Named as Jonny Biker in the Follow up book detailing the events of Operation Ratcatcher.

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