It's 1750 and the Bow Street Runners are on the hunt for the one-man crime wave known as 'Big' Dick Turpin (Sid James) - so called because of the size of his weapon. - but Dick's got a canny disguise. He doubles as the virtuous Reverend Flasher, of the village of Upper Dencher. It's only under the cover of darkness that the churchman turns Highwayman, and terrorises England's cowering coachmen.

Sir Roger Daley (Bernard Bresslaw), the head of the Bow Street Runners, and a man who's 'always on the job', is soon treated to some first hand experience of Dick's cavalier criminal endeavours. He and Lady Daley (Margaret Nolan) are held up on the York road, and by the time Dick's departed, the distraught Daley is left covering his valuables with his hat - and his missus' assets are just hidden by her headgear![1]


  • The film was banned in South Africa in the 1970s as the South African authorities considered it anti-Christian.
  • The last film in the series to feature "Carry On..." regulars Sid James and Hattie Jacques, although both would make their final "Carry On..." contributions in the television series 'Carry On Laughing!' (1975) the following year.
  • Last "Carry On..." for writer Talbot Rothwell. He suffered a nervous breakdown due to overwork, and had to dictate the script to his daughter Jane, who typed it.
  • Final "Carry On..." film appearances of the 'core' "Carry On..." performers.
  • Bernard Bresslaw insisted on a closed set for the scene where his character, Sir Roger Daley, is stripped of his clothes and possessions. In the script, it was necessary for Sir Roger and Lady Daley, played by Margaret Nolan, to be naked, apart from a hat covering their private parts. Other cast members took photographs of Bernard Bresslaw as a practical joke in order to poke fun at his insistence of the set being closed to most crew.
  • Sid James, at 61, was nearly twice the age of the real Dick Turpin, who was 33 when he was hanged in 1739.

Notes and sourcesEdit

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