Carry On Film
Dr. Binn (Kenneth Connor) and First Officer Marjoribanks (Kenneth Williams) stand by while Captain Crowther (Sid James) raises a glass to his passengers.[1]
Alternative Title(s) None
Production Info
Director Gerald Thomas
Screenplay by Norman Hudis from a story by Eric Barker
Producer Peter Rogers
Music Bruce Montgomery and Douglas Gamley
Cinematography Alan Hume RSC
Editor John Shirley
Initial Release 1962
Colour Eastman Colour
Running Time 89 min
Certificate U
IMDB Reference
Previous Film Carry On Regardless
Next Film Carry On Cabby


The passengers and crew of a Mediterranean cruise ship dress up or throw up, play deck games or power games, get drunk or misunderstood, and fall in love or out of deckchairs.[2]


The utterly professional Captain Wellington Crowther (Sid James) is a man who knows exactly what he's doing. Crowther's been in charge of the luxury liner Happy Wanderer for ten years, during which time he has made sure everything is efficient, orderly and shipshape. [3]




First film in the series made in colour.

The SS Happy Wanderer never went to sea. It was a full scale replica of a cruise-liner, complete with cabins, swimming pools, bars and deck games, designed by Art Director Carmen Dillon, and constructed at Pinewood by studio craftsmen.[2]


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