The Rumpo Kid rides into Stodge City and terroises the community, aided by his band of roughnecks and layabouts, until Marshall P Knutt, a keen and conscientious sanitry engineer, is mistaken for a law marshall. With a helping hand from revenge seeking Annie Oakley, he proves in the final shoot-out that there is more to drains than dirty water.[2]


Sleepy Stodge City is woken by the sound of gunshots. The Rumpo kid (Sid James) has just strode into town, and he seems to have taken exception to the welcoming committee. Three men come out to meet him - but he shoots them dead before pausing to casually ponder 'I wonder what they wanted!'

In the saloon, the town's mayor Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams) wonders what the commotion is. 'It's probably just a horse backfiring' says dippy Doc (Peter Butterworth), so the judge and return to their card game of Happy Families.[3]


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