Charlie Hawkins (Sid James) is a hard working taxi driver. Chirpy, cheeky and always chasing after fares, he has set up a flourishing car firm in Balham under the name of Speedee Cabs. While Charlie's busy ferrying around his fares, he's also driving his wife round the bend. It's their anniversary, and the rotund Peggy (Hattie Jacques) is once again left at home alone.

Charlie, of course, has got an eye on the meter - when what he ought to do is meet 'er! An irate Peggy contacts him over the radio. 'Have you forgotten what today is?' she demands. 'No, i haven't forgotten what today is. how could I forget what today is?' he replies. 'Oh blimey,' he adds, checking his diray, 'It's our anniversary!' The quick thinking cabbie convinces his wife that he's just on his way to buy her a present. She's placated... for now.

Meanwhile, back at the cab office, common sense and quick thinking are at an absolute premium. The inept Terry 'Pintpot' Tankard (Charles Hawtrey) has arrived looking for work as a driver - but he's better at dropping clangers than picking up fares! Tankard is an ex-serviceman and, as the site manager Ted Watson (Kenneth Connor) tells him, the boss always looks favourably on army men. The prospective cabby has hardly got a military bearing, but he does induce those around him to start swearing like troopers!

Back at base, Charlie gets down to the tricky of training up Tankard and the rest of his new recruits, while his wife luxuriates in the new fur coat that he's bought her. But things soon get equally hairy for the cabbies when Tankard takes them all out on a practice drive. The only tip that this driver's ever likely nto get is 'find another job'!

When they get back to the office, Ted informs Charlie that he's needed for more bookings as one of the other drivers hasn't turned up. Charlie's demanding wife, meanwhile, is adamant that the two of them celebrate their anniversary by spending an evening in the West End. Peggy may not get to see a show, but with Charlie arround, at least she's always guaranteed a performance![1]






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