Carry On version of a historical individual
Cardinal Wolsey
Name Thomas Wolsey
Gender Male
Affiliations The Church
King Henry VIII
Appearance Carry On Henry
Occupation Religious Leader
Nationality English
Portrayed by: Terry Scott

Character descriptionEdit

A slow witted prelate, hard put to grasp the machinations of his fellow courtiers. His plump, round face goes through the gamut of anguished emotions as Queen Marie, relying on him to smuggle out a secret letter from the dungeon in which she is incarcerated, explains the bodily places in which he could hide it.

Behind the scenesEdit

During the filming of Henry, Terry Scott once stated Playing Cardinal Wolsey left me with one burning ambition unfulfilled. Every time I got into the splendid red robes of the Cardinal, I had an irresistible urge to sneak them out of the studio, and wear them to my local church on Sunday morning. Mind you, I wouldn't have made a big thing of it - just sat in the back row and watched the vicar's reaction.[1]

Scott's wages for Carry On Henry amounted to £3,000.[2]


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