Amanda Barrie
Carry On Cast member
Amanda Barrie

Amanda Barrie[1]

Born (As Shirley Anne Broadbent) Ashton-under-Lyne, Cheshire, 14 September 1935
Died -
Carry Ons
Total Appearances Two Films
First appearance Anthea, Carry On Cabby
Last appearance Cleopatra, Carry On Cleo
Huge fun but never glamorous. That asses milk! The lights had been on all day and it didn't half pong!
Amanda's recollection of filming Carry On Cleo

Amanda Barrie is an English film and television actress who, after showing an early love of performing, started ballet and singing lessons at the age of three.

Amanda began her career performing cabaret with Carry On’s Barbara Windsor at Winston’s, New Bond Street in the 1950s. A dancer with Lionel Blair’s troupe, Amanda had her TV break as a hostess on the Hughie Green gameshow Double Your Money. Broke into film in the Donald Sinden romp Operation Bullshine and played Dennis Price’s squeeze in Doctor in Distress. She starred with Leslie Crowther in The Reluctant Romeo and Patrick Cargill in Oah La La! Secured soap immortality as Alma in Coronation Street, before joining the cast of Bad Girls as Bev Tull.

Far from being the simple-minded but calculated bimbo of Cleo, Amanda’s knowledge of the business and sheer professionalism have kept her at the top of the television tree, and earned her a special place in the collective heart of the nation.[2]


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